7 Tips For Shooting Awesome Wedding Videos


Wedding videos are one of the best ways to capture a special day. Like most things in life, planning a wedding video is unpredictable and challenging. So, it’s important to prepare before the big day so you can keep moving forward without getting stuck or panicking along the way. There are so many potential moments to shoot, but not everyone knows how to do it well. You need to ensure that the wedding video you make turns out great. Lucky for you, here are seven tips for shooting awesome wedding videos.


  1. Be prepared

The most important thing is to be prepared for everything before you start shooting. You never know when something beautiful will happen between the bride and groom or their guests. Ensure you are ready at all times to capture it.

Check out what the venue has available and plan where you want to set up for coverage ahead of time. Then gather all your equipment and also keep in mind to use a good online video editor to edit what you capture later on. Ensure you have all the cables and batteries that you need to be able to shoot. It is much easier to be prepared than to be scrambling at the last minute. The more time you take to prepare, the easier it will be to shoot.

  1. Plan ahead

You’ll be shooting for hours and hours, so it’s important to plan. Before you even get to the venue, figure out where you want the most coverage. This could mean that some shots will involve walking or riding in a vehicle while others will involve just taking them from a stationary position or perhaps chasing after the couple and their guests on foot. It all depends on what you want to capture with your video. The more of each type of shot that is available, the better off you’ll be when it comes time to get it done.

  1. Be fast and efficient

It’s easy to get caught up in the day and not realise how long it has been going on. Try to keep moving and be efficient with your shots. When it’s time to shoot, you don’t want to wait around or have too much downtime, but you also don’t want to miss out on some great moments that are happening. Don’t get caught up in finding the perfect shot or worrying about getting everything just right while you are trying to capture everything that is happening. It’s better to cover a few things quickly than miss a lot of special moments that happen around you.

  1. Lighting is important

You could be shooting on a very bright day, but you may find that there are dark parts of the venue that you won’t be able to avoid. That’s why lighting is so important during your video shoot. You can always make adjustments in editing using an online video editor, but it’s much better to shoot the way it is intended if you can help it. A light source or two will go a long way if you want to capture everything properly. If a room is too dim, see if you can see what lights are available and if there is any way to bring some more in on your own.

You may get lucky and have perfect lighting when you’re shooting, but it’s important to be prepared for bad light. Bad lighting can look very unprofessional and will bring your video quality down. You may need to bring a flashlight or adjust the camera so that you can help deal with low light issues. A little bit of light can help you cover a lot of ground more quickly, so make sure to have some extra light equipment on hand at all times whether or not you need them.

  1. Keep your camera stable

The more angles that you have available, the better. It’s important to have a steady camera because cameras get damaged when they are not held at an angle. If nothing else, this helps minimise uneven lighting and makes it easier to shoot without bumping into obstacles. You may also want to adjust the camera so that you can capture different angles from different sides of the room or a certain vantage point. A tripod can be extremely helpful for this. It’s cheaper than purchasing all the equipment for lighting and photography but will go a long way towards helping you to focus on the shot in front of you and not what’s going on around you.

  1. Audio plays a crucial role

Audio is crucial to a beautiful video, but it can also be one of the biggest hurdles when you’re trying to get it right. You can have the best shot in the world, but if your audio is bad, it will come across as a bad video. So be sure to use a microphone that can help with background noise. You want close shots of people speaking, but you don’t want them sounding like they are at a concert or rock show. A little goes a long way with sound in wedding videos.

  1. Grab all the footage and edit it all

The best thing about shooting wedding videos is that you have all this footage to use later on. The best way to get it all into editing and make it look nice is to have an online video editor that will give you the ability to cut clips together. Using an online video editor, you’ll be able to get everything together in a few minutes and be ready to go when it’s time. It’s also a good idea to shoot as much footage as you can. Sometimes using a tripod is helpful to get close shots, but if you’re just walking around and experimenting, it’s better to have more than you need and know that you won’t mind not using all of it later. You can always edit things after the fact if the footage ends up being unusable or doesn’t deliver the message you need.

The most important thing is to capture all the major moments; the vows, the kiss, etc. It is also important to capture all the events going on at the wedding. If you are shooting both stills and video, try and manage your time so you have enough time to get one or the other and not do both at once.

The art of making a wedding video is hard to master, however, with incredible time and effort you can learn it for sure. It’s important to start with the basics and build your skills from there. Keep working hard and you can learn to shoot wedding videos like a professional. That way, you will be able to provide the highest level of production for wedding videography. It’s possible, but it does take a lot of work. Keep up the good work and don’t give up!