Wedding Decor Trends


Wedding decor is the most thoughtful and important element of any wedding. It creates the mood and sets the theme of the wedding venue. Be it the floral installation, mandap decor, lighting or stage setup, the latest wedding decors trends can give your wedding ceremony a unique touch.

The fabulous decor ideas and trends can make your very day a memorable one while creating a perfect background for capturing the pictures. Listed down is an amazing collection of décor trends where you can select decors for engagement, Haldi ceremony, Sangeet and wedding.

Decor trends

  • Haldi decor Make your Haldi ceremony as the talk of the town. The beautiful tradition of an Indian wedding, the Haldi ceremony is celebrated in the most fun and playful manner. To make this celebration a colourful one, decorate the venue with beautiful marigolds as this flower goes well with Indian weddings. Give Haldi décor a yellow theme by using yellow marigolds. From bright orange to yellow and rustic red, the marigolds instantly spark festive vibes to any celebration.


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  • Curiosity room 

The curiosity room is a superb idea to add enormous fun to the celebration. This room is designed in the sun in a way that you are bound to have an ocean of imagination. You can use simple objects to decorate the walls of the room, with each wall having significance for the couple. Fill the area with different colours and lighting along with some attractive centrepieces.

  • Welcome decor 

Nothing could fit better than beautiful flowers when it comes to welcoming the guests. A lush floral decoration at the entrance of the wedding ceremony is a perfect décor trend. For adding some oomph to the celebration, use neon signs with personalised quotes, messages and hash tags for a grand welcome.

  • Memory wall 

A Memory Wall is a thoughtful idea to make your venue look perfect. Select a portion of one of the walls and decorate it with flowers, lighting and many more attractive items. Make a frame and put the pictures onto it. Gather your favourite photos and bring them all to life by displaying them on the Memory Wall.

  • Personalised chairs 

This is another one of the trendiest ideas for a wedding celebration. Get personalised chairs with the couple’s hashtags. This will make your wedding more endearing and memorable. From funny hashtags to the naughty ones with flower decorations, the customised chairs of the bride and groom will make you feel tempted to have at least one.


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  • Personalised bar 

Impress your guests with personalised bar ideas. The bar has become the topmost spot for any celebration. This is the place where every guest congregates. Decorate the wedding bar as per the theme of your wedding program. Use neon signs for welcoming the guests and make it look classy by using a bulb canopy.

  • Using sombre shades for decor 

The sombre shade has taken everyone by surprise and grace. The bold colours create an eye-catching effect as it makes use of so many colours. The vibrant table setting, the floral adornments and wedding bouquets add uniqueness to the celebration.

  • Eco-friendly decors 

You can try some eco-friendly decorations including potted plants. This trend is perfect for the nature-lovers as it is executed by decorating the setup with potted plants, instead of using floral arrangements.

  • White weddings – white flowers, drapes and chandeliers

The white wedding is a pure, classic and elegant theme. It is timeless and can be obtained by decorating the entire venue with white flowers, drapes and chandeliers.

If your wedding date is arriving soon then have a look at these trending ideas. Choose your favourite wedding trend and get prepared for the celebration. You may also choose some Hindu wedding cards online to invite your guests.