Unique Symbols of Love: Beyond Traditional Rings


For many couples, wedding and engagement rings serve as lifelong symbols of their love and commitment. However, not every couple connects with traditional rings. If you’re seeking alternatives that feel more authentic to your relationship, explore unique symbols of love beyond basic bands.


Customized Jewelry Designs

Rather than generic rings, commission a jeweler to design a completely customized piece. Incorporate meaningful shapes, engravings, or gemstones to represent your bond. For example, intertwining your birthstones or favorite flowers. Custom jewelry allows you to craft a symbol with deep personal significance.

Sentimental Keepsakes

Consider exchanging sentimental keepsakes that hold special memories. Maybe a book you bonded over, concert ticket from your first date, or framed photo from your engagement session. Keepsakes preserve moments from your relationship to look back on fondly for years.

Matching Tattoos

Inked symbols of love last forever on your skin. Opt for matching words, dates, or tiny illustrations. Consult talented artists and take time to design meaningful tattoos together. Your inked symbols can be subtly displayed or hidden for your eyes only.

Symbolic Locations

Rather than objects, certain locations may symbolize the strength of your bond. Maybe your first home, favorite travel spot, or where you had your first kiss. Revisiting symbolic places serves as a loving reminder of your journey so far.

Thoughtful Correspondence

Exchange heartfelt letters for your wedding or anniversaries expressing your deep love and appreciation. Rereading handwritten words can provide comfort during tough times. Storing letters allows your symbols of affection to evolve over decades.

Whether you choose alternative jewelry, meaningful locations, sentimental objects, tattoos, letters, or more, crafting unique symbols of love allows you to showcase your relationship authentically. Beyond traditional rings, explore options with special significance just for you as a couple. Your symbols, in whatever form, will stand as loving representations of the bond you share for years to come.


How do you decide on a non-traditional symbol that feels truly meaningful?

Discuss special memories, core values you share, or things that make your relationship unique. Brainstorm ideas together and see what resonates for both of you. Your symbol will have the most impact if it represents your authentic bond.

What if we have different ideas for symbols of love?

Compromise by blending both of your visions. Alternatively, you could each select your own personalized symbol to exchange. The most important thing is finding options you’re both happy with that celebrate your individuality within the relationship.