What is Morganite? Engagement Rings and Jewelry from Morganite

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The next best thing after diamonds is the morganite stone. Pink rock is becoming increasingly popular among brides, fashion influencers, and celebrities. Morganite is conquering the jewelry industry and presenting itself more and more in luxury jewelry and engagement rings. Even though we’ve all heard of it, and some of us have witnessed its beauty. There are a few who still wonder what morganite is.

engagement rings

What is Morganite?

Morganite is a pink semi-precious stone that belongs to the beryllium family of minerals, includes the more common beryls such as emerald and aquamarine. Available in various colors including, hot pink, peach, purple, and salmon, pink and pink are the most sought-after stones today. The deeper shades are greatly rarer and more expensive.

On the Mohs scale, the number of morganite is about 7.5. Compared to a diamond score of 10, morganite is softer and more prone to scratches. Therefore, special care requires for everyday jewelry such as engagement rings. Not only is it delicate than regular diamonds, but this stunning pink stone is also affordable and much cheaper at a dollar per carat. Morganite is a magnificent alternative to a diamond because it combines hardness, durability, clarity, and a soft, romantic hue.

History of Morganites

The magic morganite stone was first discovered off the coast of Madagascar in 1911. That same year, this romantic pink rock was named after mineral collector and financier J.P. Morgan.

Despite the physical beauty of the morganite, the stone possesses divine attributes such as compassion, self-confidence, and healing. It is also considered that to relieve stress and a positive attitude. Hence, wearing your morganite jewelry all time is the perfect way to incorporate these values ​​into your everyday life.

Why morganite completely committed

Morganite engagement rings are the most popular choice among morganite jewelry today. Rose stone is ideal and is usually combine with rose gold as the rose color of morganite complements the rose hue of the metal. The beautiful pink color combination is the ultimate symbol of romance. Soft, warm rose gold and pink peachy morganite ring give this elegant engagement ring a distinct retro touch. Many newlyweds choose a warm and fresh look because of their matchless beauty, affordability, and durability.

Morganite costume jewelry

Morganite jewelry is becoming increasingly popular for its warm colors, romantic and feminine beauty. As a modern jewelry choice, a beautiful rose stone in combination; with complimentary rose gold is attractive and flattering to any skin tone. It is the perfect gift to celebrate any moment or just the perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe. We’ve selected some of our best-selling styles to honor the majestic beauty of morganite.

Morganite is a desirable choice and a perfect alternative to diamonds. Its rich beauty, brightness, seductive charm, and noble endurance make it the ideal gift to show your love and affection. Visit our website, Alexander sparks, to get a complete collection of sparkling casual morganite costume jewelry. We are offering; some of the most stunning jewelry pieces at reasonable prices to make your big day even exceptional for you.