Fall Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

Fall Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

If you’re taking your engagement photos and you’re not sure what to do about your outfits, don’t worry! It can be tricky for even the most organized couples to know what to wear in their photos. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing your outfits and a few outfit ideas to get you started!

Fall Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

Consider Your Colors

Some people like to include their wedding colors in their engagement pictures. Is it a requirement? No, but it can be a fun way to tie everything together when it comes to decorating for your wedding. It’d be fun to have pictures that coordinate with your venue decor and wedding party outfits as well as flowers.

Are you Going Fancy or Casual?

It’s also important to consider if you have a more dressy or casual style. Some people think you always have to be formal when it comes to weddings, but that simply isn’t the case. One place where you can keep things more casual is your engagement photos. Being more dressy, however, is the way that people have done it traditionally, but again, it’s more about your preferences.

Consider Your Venue

Think about where you’re taking pictures. Are you at the State Capital Building, or on the beach? While you can mix dressy and casual a bit when it comes to picture-taking venues, some venues will match better with dressy or casual clothes. So, consider that before picking your outfits.

Outfit Breakdown

Here are a few ideas of what you can wear for your engagement photos based on if you’d like to feel more casual or more dressy. 

Casual Ideas

You can never go wrong with your favorite pair of jeans. Maybe leave your super holey jeans at home and go for a regular pair of jeans or a lightly distressed pair. Lighter washes are better for the spring and summer months, darker washes are better for the fall and winter months. Since you want to be casual, but weddings are more dressy events, wear a nice blouse or sweater and pair it with a pair of weather-appropriate shoes. Boots are really cute for the fall and winter whereas you can get away with sandals, wedges, and flats in the warmer months. If you want to go super casual, you can always wear a t-shirt and a pair of joggers from presleycouture.com. This may not be traditional, but if it’s what you like best, go for it!

Dressy Ideas

You can never go wrong with a dress for you and a suit for your fiance. Some of our favorite dresses are from Sweet Salt Clothing. Pair your dress with a denim jacket to dress it down, or a fancy set of heels and jewelry to dress it up. There are degrees of dressiness when it comes to a dress, though. You can wear a more casual sundress or even a super fancy ball gown. It’s your wedding and engagement pictures.

Outfits that are True to Your Taste

The long and short of it is that getting married and weddings mean a lot of cooks in the kitchen. Everyone has an opinion of what you should or shouldn’t do, wear, eat, or talk about. So, just remember this is your wedding, and though your parents might want you in a certain color or style of clothes, ultimately, what you wear should be up to you and your fiance.