What Color Suit Is Best for a Spring Wedding?


Spring is a time for new beginnings, including a new commitment to the one you love. Naturally, you’ll want to look your best as you stand at the altar for your wedding. That also applies if you’re a groomsman or guest attending a wedding. When it comes to springtime wedding suits for men, some shades are better than others, and certain fabrics will keep you more comfortable in the warm weather. Here are a few color options that’ll leave you feeling fit, fresh and fly during your spring wedding.


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Option 1: Light Gray

Light gray is a staple color of men’s suits. It has a brighter feeling than all black and can go with many other colors. For example, a white button-down shirt under a light gray suit is a classic look. A yellow button-down shirt can bring out a bright and cheerful springtime feeling. Just make sure to stick with pastels that won’t overpower the gray. You want gray to be the central color for this springtime wedding look.

Option 2: White

White isn’t just for brides. A white suit on your wedding day can be a bold, stylish choice, especially when you pair it with layers or accessories with high visual contrast. White suits for men are often cut in tuxedo style, meaning they have prominent buttons, lapels, cuff links and pocket trims. These accents are available in a variety of colors from black to gold, giving a lot of flair to your wedding day ensemble.

Option 3: Blue

You might already own a light blue suit for business purposes, which also makes this the perfect option for springtime weddings. A light blue suit provides something different than the usual white, black and gray monochrome. However, don’t think you’re limited to light blue as a color choice. A deep and dazzling cobalt blue can turn heads, and something sapphire or azure can be matched with your partner. If you want to make a bold impression on the big day, try wearing a stunning royal blue suit.

Option 4: Pastel Yellow

Yellow is a quintessential springtime color that can bring everything from sunshine to painted Easter eggs to mind. It’ll be perfect for a spring wedding aesthetic. As for the right shade to wear, it’s best to stick to pastel shades. Go for a banana, bumblebee or daffodil shade of yellow. There are also deeper shades of yellow, like mustard, that are festive without being blinding as well.


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Option 5: Khaki

Because of their understated color, khaki suits work best with bright and light accessories. Khaki can be super stylish for men’s wedding suits when paired with a colorful men’s tie or a beautiful corsage. Khaki suits also perfectly complement the golden-hour sunset and look amazing at beach weddings.

Option 6: Pink

A pink suit can be a light, fun and jazzy choice for a groom. You’ll be in good company, too — celebrities like John Legend and Harry Styles have embraced pink formalwear for their red-carpet looks. The trick is choosing a shade of pink that works for you. Do you want something bright and springy, like bubblegum pink? Or would you prefer a more muted shade, like dusty rose or cherry blossom pink? You can also find pink suits that tip over into coral territory.

Option 7: Pastel Purple

For spring, you’ll typically want to avoid the dark, heavy purples that dominate men’s winter suits. Spring is a time for lightness, and shades like lavender work better this time of year. You might also think about mauve, lilac or orchid. If you choose a more dramatic color for your suit, make sure your other layers are neutral to balance them out. For example, while a lavender suit with black accents won’t look out of season, a mauve suit works better with white accents instead of black.

Option 8: Light Green

The secret to pulling off a green suit is to look natural. You don’t want to be too bold in a lime green suit. Instead, opt for softer and deeper greens, like the kind you find in nature. These might include olive, fern, sage and mint. A green suit can be the perfect option if you’re hosting an outdoor wedding with lots of flowers in a garden or countryside setting. You’ll fit right in with the general aesthetic.

Option 9: Classic Black

There’s a reason why black is a classic color in men’s suits. Its versatility means that you can reuse it for other formal occasions year-round. If you’re buying men’s suit separates, you’ll also be able to match them more easily with other pieces. Don’t discount a black suit or tux for a timelessly stylish look at your wedding. And remember that black patent leather is a classic springtime material for shoes and belts.

Option 10: Seersucker

Technically, seersucker isn’t a color but a type of fabric. Seersucker suits are popular in spring and summer because their fabric is woven in a way that makes them airy and breathable. You will appreciate this kind of suit in warmer weather. Another bonus is that seersucker colors are usually light, so they’ll reflect the sun’s rays rather than absorb them. No one wants to sweat through their wedding suit!


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Choosing The Perfect Suit Color for Your Spring Wedding

Spring is a great time to get married, and it’s a great time to show off your seasonally appropriate style. Remember these color palettes to find the perfect spring wedding suit for you. With the variety of colors and fabrics available, grooms, groomsmen and guests should be able to find the right look for any spring occasion.