Wedding Hair Dos & Don’ts

Wedding Hair Dos & Don’ts

It’s no surprise that everyone wants to look super cool on their wedding day. From haircut to dress, everything should be sophisticated. This article is dedicated to those struggling with their haircut and having trouble finalizing the right haircut for the big day. Bearing this in mind, we have collected some wedding hair don and don’ts. Let’s go through them below:

Finalize your haircut at least two months before your wedding

If you’re confused with different hairstyles, you should try all of them to see which suits you the best. It’s not something you can do on the last minute. It’s better that you should book your stylist three to five months before your wedding. Doing this in advance brings you a great peace of mind.

Speak up!

Make your stylist aware of all your needs and requirements. You can give him/her a photo or sketch of the haircut you want to have on your wedding day. You can also ask your stylist for his/her recommendations or do your own research online by browsing through different haircuts online.

Don’t ignore the neckline

Whether your gown is one-shoulder or strapless, your wedding day gown should match your haircut. So, you should keep the shape of your gown while opting for a hairstyle for your wedding day. From jewelry to dress, you should consider everything you are going to wear on your wedding day.

Don’t assumes your stylish knows everything

Giving your stylist the images of your desired haircut is a good thing you can do. Terms like ‘soft waves’, ‘big bun’, ‘chic’ and ‘sophisticated’ mean different to different people.

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