Healing the Heart: A Journey to Self-Love

Healing the Heart

When you struggle with love in your life, it often revolves around the fact that your heart needs healing.

You can carry a wounded heart without even knowing it—a heart that is “locked in.” A heart longing for love, perhaps seeking it diligently, yet unknowingly shutting down your heart, preventing love from entering and getting close.

Healing the Heart

Many have faced challenging experiences with love throughout life. It may have been absent during childhood or experienced as a form of longing. Grief that hasn’t been processed, clinging “tightly” to your body and system. Such an event can close “you” down and your heart, making it no longer “open” to giving or receiving love from the world and, most importantly, from yourself.

When we open your heart in trauma therapy—removing blockages, “locks,” and anything that has taken residence in your heart/around your heart—solely to protect it and you, true love will manifest in your life in various ways.

An inner calm you’ve never experienced before will also find its way into your life.

Are you ready for true love in your life?

Is it challenging at times to be you because you don’t feel worthy?

You feel unworthy of love as the person you are.

You feel no inner joy and satisfaction in being yourself, and you wish that you

  • looked different,
  • said the right things,
  • were more skilled and better.

You might dream that if only… you had prettier teeth, a more beautiful face, nicer legs, bigger muscles, a trained body, a slimmer body, more friends—insert your own (…….)—then you would be sure that others would find it easier to love you, and you would feel more worthy.

Unfortunately, we cannot seek our worth in others.

Others cannot fill us up, so our self-worth rises. Low self-worth is about your own value—what you feel you are worth as a human being, not what others think you are worth.

It can indeed help a bit if others think you have value, but if you cannot feel it inside, it does not elevate your self-worth. It does not make you feel lovable.

Our self-worth is built from within and out. We do not gain higher self-worth by changing conditions in our external world, by the help of a therapist, parterapeut. It may be delightful for our self-confidence for a short period, but we will need to do new things again and again, as our self-worth is not affected by external conditions and changes.

Embrace who you are ❤️

Embrace what you encounter within yourself with love and acceptance.

Embrace all that you feel.

You are not your feelings, but they communicate messages to you.

Embrace the messages. Listen. Learn.

Embrace that you may need to take care of what is being communicated to you. Body, mind, and soul are a trinity. A very wise unity 🫶

Embrace your melancholy if it tends to move in.

Embrace your fragility.

Embrace your love.

Your vulnerability.

Embrace that life moves in waves, and you are never off-course but, if you’ve hit a plateau, be with it. Embrace it. Say yes to it and derive learning from it.

Embrace that everything is precisely as it should be right now ❤️❤️

Love to you