Dry Ice Machine Hire Across Surrey & London

Dry Ice Machine Hire

Are you looking for an X-factor cloud effect for your first wedding dance? Prestigious sound and light are not only PA systems, LED lights, and white starry dance floors, but you can also dry ice machine hire! This low smoke effect is a must for weddings, Christmas winter wonderland events, and any other party you want to wow your guests.

Dry Ice Machine Hire

Why Our Low Fog Machines are Different?

Our dry ice machines are not the cheapest copier on the rental market. Prestigious Sound and Light is pleased to offer this Arcos 2000 Low Fog Machine, which is suitable for low fog effect for all types of occasions.

Want to replicate this amazing X Factor low fog effect on the dance floor at a wedding or event? Or perhaps you are looking for a smoke and fog effect without triggering a smoke alarm; look no further, this machine is perfect for generating ground-level smoke to create a dramatic effect for your party/event.

There are many different options for dry ice / low-lying fog effects, and they vary greatly in price. Many customers want a low smoke effect for their first dance, Halloween party, or even corporate product launch event, but don’t want to spend hundreds and hundreds on machine, fluid, and operator.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution that you can hire and use yourself, then this is the right one for you. There is a small remote control that you press to start or stop the effect. The machine itself warms up for about 4 minutes before use, but once it warms up and you fill the machine with distilled water and flue liquid, you are ready to go, it’s that simple!

What is Added When I Hire a Dry Ice Machine of You?

As mentioned above, this is ideal for you if you need something efficient yet easy to operate. There are more expensive machines that are specifically designed to dry ice machine hire, they end up costing hundreds and you will have to pay the operator to use the unit because dry ice is a little dangerous if used improperly.

You don’t need to worry about this. It still gives the effect of a dense low-lying cloud fog, but it does not require a “professional” to work, you can press the “Go” or “Stop” button. Give the job to your best man, work colleague, or mom, it doesn’t matter!

The machine requires purified water and low fog fluid into the boxes inside the machine. Fill both up, ready for it to warm up and away you go. We give the purified water and low fog liquid with the machine included in the hire price, and we imply this should be just for an evening event. If you use the effect for more than 1 pm, we can of course provide additional liquid and water at an additional cost.