Best Looks for Groom in Maharashtrian Wedding With Peshwai Thaat

Best Looks for Groom in Maharashtrian Wedding With Peshwai Thaat

In Indian history, Maharashtrians have had a unique way to celebrate their artistic style and culture through vibrancy and vitality. When it comes to Maharashtrian weddings, both the bride and the groom have started to experiment and create various options that extend the traditional styles into modern wear. While a Marathi bride can grab all the attention away from the groom at their wedding, a groom showcasing Peshwai That can also be a true match made in heaven. 

So who were the Peshwas? They have been part of Maharashtra’s history for many ages and have taken care of the Maratha empire as it oversaw the period of greatest expansion. The attires donned by the most extraordinary leaders became a visible fashion tribute, which many grooms have carried forward in weddings to express their loyalty towards old traditions. Do you want to plan the outfits for your Marathi wedding? Then let us help you find the perfect partner first – don’t keep any stone unturned in your search for a Marathi partner, create your Marathi Matrimony profile today. For the wedding ceremony, the Marathi bride drapes a nauvari saree and some traditional accessories such as nath, haath phool, and pasa. Grooms can also use different ways to represent the grandiose of the Peshwai era, which exudes timelessness and royalty. Here’s how you can recreate the different looks with a true Peshwai Thaat:

Best Looks for Groom in Maharashtrian Wedding With Peshwai Thaat

Look 1 – The Traditional Peshwa

Peshwaas from the earlier ages wore the traditional Maharashtrian wear, with a typical dhoti that used to be tied authentically. Men would wear Angarkha kurtas which were spread heavily at the bottom. The reason behind it was so that they could move about freely. The traditional Marathi groom can choose a similar pattern and ghera (flare) for his wedding kurta. It will make his outfit look not just conventional but give him an enormous and epic personality. 

To look like an actual Peshwa, grooms can also take inspiration from the dress code of a true warrior, similar to a Samurai skirt. Have you thought about the groom’s outfit at your wedding? Let us help you find a groom first. So, download any Marathi Matrimony app today and let us help you find the ideal soulmate to share your future with.

Traditional style means effortless and straightforward. Grooms can choose a simple silk dhoti-kurta set in subtle shades or hues of cream, golden or off-white, with some fine zari work. In the case of an Angarkha kurta, the layering can be as heavy as you prefer, with deeper shades and a layered neck piece made out of uncut Kundan. However, the accessory which is the true show-stealer is the Peshwai Pagri (head turban) embellished in gemstones, pearls, and diamonds. It is the authentic mark of a Peshwa and refers to the eras of their ruling and legend-making.

Look 2 – Peshwa from an Old Era: A Royal Treat

To get a royal Peshwai look, the groom should give the details the utmost importance. The cloth for the groom’s outfit needs to get layered in soft muslin fabrics with real zari work. The weaving can be in real gold with different references in the use of patterns or shapes. In the case of the bride, she can incorporate a peacock’s form on her saree to define prosperity. Any figure, be it a lotus, some flower, or even the tree of life (progress, continuity) – has its unique meaning. These small references play a powerful and definite tribute to Maharashtrian culture. As far as the groom is concerned, to represent him as a true royalty, darker shades can be selected, such as royal blue, emerald green, or burgundy red in velvet with gold motifs and heavy borders. 

Look 3 – Peshwa in Designer Couture

Maharashtra’s capital, Mumbai, is a fashion hub where grooms can find various selections of the best designer wear worn by the best Bollywood stars. Most of their designs are custom-made, and designers are well suited to capture every aspect of a timepiece outfit. Their designing process will take longer to reflect the nuances of Peshwas captured in history and represent it in the groom’s attire. If you want a custom-made wedding outfit, look for a good designer who can accurately observe and depict the makings and materials of that era. Be it the Peshwai Pagri (head turban) or the heavy sherwani, designers will help bring grandiose from that specific period. 

Look 4 – Modern Peshwai Thaat

If you’re looking to break away from traditional wear yet carry some elements of the detailing given to a Peshwai outfit, then this one’s for you. The groom may choose not to wear the traditional kurta-dhoti and instead opt for a tuxedo in a royal print or cloth. The other alternative can be a 3-piece sherwani with a bandhgala or a jacket. A few patterns that date back to the Peshwai era are elephants or lions, which can be incorporated into the wedding outfit modernly – like a brooch, some accessory, or printed cloth. The groom can opt for a contemporary style that includes an embroidered sherwani or asymmetrical kurtas. For a more minimalistic option, the groom can choose to accessorize with fewer items and stick to pastel colors.