A Wedding Videographer’s Perspective On The Best Wedding Venues Around Melton


Despite the fact that Melton has many venues that (from a cinematic videography perspective) look and feel great, I’ve decided to document my thoughts on only the venues I have filmed at in the last 12 months. This way my insights and thoughts will accurately reflect how the venue looks and feels right at this moment, something which prospective couples can consider when settling on a venue to get married at.

Melton is a suburb located 36 kilometres north-west of Melbourne in the State of Victoria, Australia. Whilst it’s the suburb I call home, I also happen to know that it’s home to many beautiful locations within and around its borders.



Lawson Lodge is a private retreat less than 30 minutes outside Melton and is one of the most picturesque venues I’ve filmed at. It’s perfect for couples looking to host their entire bridal party and close family for a weekend or longer.

Getting up on the morning of your wedding without having to worry about travel or gathering your guests together can set you up for a relaxing day. You’re able to just get dressed, head out the door and down the aisle. Once the ceremony is finished, you’ll have plenty of time for pictures and videos and an easy-going outdoor reception.

For a wedding videographer, the abundance of gorgeous spots for filming couples is a dream. Being able to get a good variety of shots without wasting precious wedding-day time travelling between locations is invaluable, my favourite being the cute lakeside cottage where most couples will spend their wedding night. So if seclusion, a good variety of location shots and an easy-going wedding day are important to you, Lawson Lodge has you covered.



Del Rios Winery is a family-owned winery in the township of Anakie south west of Melton. It is home to (and I mean this) the BEST sunset views for any wedding venue I’ve ever been to. Most wedding videographers will encourage you to squeeze in a golden-hour shoot on your wedding day, but here it is a must.

Del Rios sits on the top of a hill with uninterrupted views of the Brisbane Ranges and the dining / reception room incorporates roof high windows that give you that perfect sunset view. This building has been designed to make the most of the abundance of natural light so there is no risk of poor fluorescent lighting ruining your photos and film. With just the right amount of warmth on the air, this venue creates a unique opportunity for you and your guests to enjoy a natural sunlit dinner.

These conditions help bring about some of the best possible looking wedding video and photo shots for an indoor reception. So if perfect sunsets and a winery-style wedding take your fancy, this is a venue I’d highly recommend for you.



Eynesbury Homestead is an 1870’s-restored bluestone homestead located within the City of Melton, just 15 kilometres off the Western Freeway. It is nestled beside the ever popular Eynesbury Golf Course.

Few things beat well manicured gardens for photographic contrast and eye-catching scenery and Eynesbury Homestead delivers this in spades. Adorned with an abundance of colourful flowers, manicured lawnscapes and towering gumtrees, this location has an infinite number of backdrops and angles for photos and video. Despite the number of times I have already been here, I always find fresh perspectives to shoot from that keeps every wedding video unique. The classic settler bluestone aesthetic of the estate compliments my cinematic wedding videography style perfectly which I can capture at both a ground level and from the air via drone.

So if crafted gardens and heritage architecture set amongst undisturbed forest sounds like your idea of a perfect venue, then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you check it out and book in.

So if you are looking for a wedding videographer with knowledge and availability across the Melton area, get in touch to find out more.