A More Sustainable Wedding Dress? Try Recycled Polyester


It’s no secret that weddings are fraught with issues. Apart from being expensive, they can also be environmentally non-sustainable. The food waste or printed invitations come to mind.

However, there are many solutions to this problem, one of which is buying a recycled polyester wedding dress. Fast fashion wedding dresses are not uncommon, so investing in a recycled polyester dress can be a savvy decision.

If you’re looking for a sustainable wedding dress, we’ll introduce a recycled polyester wedding collection. Plus, we’ll explain all the reasons why having access to eco-friendly material is important.


Why Choose Recycled Polyester?

There’s no point in talking about recycled polyester and its benefits without mentioning the elephant in the room. The term “polyester” has a problematic connotation and typically represents the non-sustainable element we see in fast fashion.

Producing traditional polyester, or “virgin polyester”, requires excessive consumption of energy, water, and chemicals. However, recycled polyester has a much lower carbon footprint and utilises over 53% less energy for production.

Furthermore, recycled polyester uses PET as the raw material for plastic water bottles and stops them from entering landfills. Undoubtedly, it may seem strange to have a wedding dress made out of plastic water bottles.

But the great news is that recycled polyester isn’t of lower quality than well-made virgin polyester. However, it is way more eco-friendly.

The process of turning PET into fabric is complex, and the result is baled yarn that can be dyed and knitted into fabric. It’s also important to note that clothes made from recycled polyester can be recycled many times again.

Using recycled polyester means that less plastic will end up in the oceans. For many brides-to-be, that is reason enough to opt for a sustainable wedding dress made from this material.

Browsing the Recycled Polyester Wedding Collection

Finding the perfect wedding dress is no small feat. If your main focus is choosing an eco-friendly material, options could be scarce.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wedding dresses, many want a material that flows, feels light and adds the right amount of elegance. The perfect representative of that is the recycled polyester wedding collection from Ace Hero.

The satin-like corset bodice maxi dress is a fantastic choice for the traditional and more modern bride. It’s made from 55% recycled polyester and 45% virgin polyester. Plus, the minimalistic design leaves plenty of room for accessorising. This collection features this gorgeous dress in several fantastic colours.

First, the snow white option is ideal for the bride who wants to feel beautiful while staying true to her principles.

If a white wedding dress isn’t your style, the dress is also available in woodrose, black, fern green, hazelnut, ice blue, and sage. Furthermore, even if you’re not the bride, this is the dress to wear to a wedding, especially as a bridesmaid.

What About Other Sustainable Materials?

You might wonder if there is another way to be eco-friendly when choosing your wedding dress. Indeed, there are many other sustainable materials like denim, hemp, bamboo, wool, or organic cotton.

Some might be more eco-friendly than others, but neither is typically used in wedding dress design. Recycled polyester is also much more versatile and less expensive, which is especially important if you’re having a budget wedding.

However, another way to be more sustainable when choosing a wedding dress is to shop for unique vintage pieces or borrow the dress from someone else.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using Recycled Polyester?

While recycled polyester is a superior option to traditional polyester, it comes with some limitations. It’s frequently mixed with different fabrics that make it more difficult to recycle.

Also, even though it’s a recycled material, some people may take issue that it’s not a natural fibre like cotton or silk.

On the other hand, manufacturing cotton and silk comes with a plethora of problems too. Finally, some brides might not like how the wedding dress made from recycled polyester looks, but that’s down to personal preference.

Feeling Gorgeous and Responsible on Your Wedding Day

A person’s wedding day should be a celebration of their personality, including the ideal wedding dress. For some, style and colour are the most important factors.

For others, it’s wearing a dress that was sustainably produced. With Ace Hero’s recycled polyester wedding collection, you get the best of both worlds. These dresses are stunning, easy to maintain, and most importantly, they’re eco-friendly.

Infographic provided by Grown Brilliance