7 Common Wedding Regrets


Planning the big day? Check out these wedding regrets before finalising anything!

You will probably feel an immense amount of pressure for your wedding day to be perfect. To come out with perfect photos of you and your brand new spouse, madly in love.

However, sometimes this is not the case. In a survey of 2000 people, 53% of people say that they would make changes to their wedding day. Today, we are going to cover the 7 most common wedding regrets that couples have about their big day, and the simple things you can do to avoid them.



1.   I Regret Torturing My Feet!

The average bride regrets and resents their shoe choice by the end of the day. We’ve all felt that unbearable pain that comes with high heels. Whilst you may push through it on a night out, don’t let it happen on your wedding day.

Having beautiful wedding shoes is lovely, but it’s no good if you’re struggling to walk by the end of the night or holding back due to foot pain.

One of the most common wedding regrets, is also one of the easiest to avoid. Countless men and women suffer on their big day because of their new shoes. Whether you’re walking down the aisle or having your first dance, you don’t want the night to be dominated by foot pain.

Some simple hacks to avoid having these wedding regrets include:

●    Break them in!

By simply wearing those heavenly heels or beautiful brogues around the house a few times, you can get them ready for the big day and make them comfortable enough to dance all night!

Some people also recommend wearing them with thick socks, to help stretch the shoes out and allow for maximum wedding day comfort.

●    Buy inserts for shoes

A very cost effective way to make those shoes more comfortable, is to buy inserts that will do this for you. You can purchase these pretty much everywhere, and to meet your shoe requirement exactly.

This way you can still wear those stunning stilettos, without being in pain.

●    Think practically!

Your shoes should suit your outfit, but they should also be suitable for the location of your wedding. A bride and groom getting married in a church will require different shoes to a couple getting married on a beach for example.

Shopping for those shoes with your location in mind will save your feet on the big day. With the variety of weddings that happen nowadays, retailers will stock shoes to accommodate for the less conventional weddings too.

●    Bring back up

So you’ve done the walk down the aisle, and the pictures, why not slip into a pair that’s a little more comfortable?

For the reception and after party, having a pair of shoes on standby is a common solution to uncomfy wedding shoes.

Many brides and grooms bring comfy flats to make sure they can enjoy their night to the fullest extent, allowing for comfier dancing.

2.  I Regret Not Hiring Transportation

Some more common wedding regrets that you can avoid as spouses to be are to do with  transportation. Many people opt for their own arrangements for the big day, and regret it thereafter.

This is especially important if you’re getting married in a bigger city. The worries of traffic and routes should not belong to you on your wedding day. Hiring chauffeurs in London and other popular wedding destinations is a no brainer to take travel stress out of your wedding day.

Not only is this a convenient solution to wedding transport, but also a stylish and classic one. The luxury experience can elevate your experience for sure.

This way you can arrive relaxed, and in the right mood for your big day.

3.  I Regret Inviting my ex-accountant’s neighbour’s dog’s cousin

Repeat after me, only invite who you want at your wedding!

It is so easy to invite people because you feel obliged to, or because your mum wants them there. But it’s your wedding day. Invite exactly who you want to share this special moment with.

This will not only save you money, but also will cut down the unfamiliar faces in the crowd. This is one of the most intimate moments of your life, you want to only have the people that really matter to you and your partner.

So, don’t invite that guy you’ve not spoken to in 6 years.

4.  I Have Wedding Hair Regrets!

An easy, yet brave way in which a lot of brides save money is by doing their own hair and makeup for the big day. However, this is also one of the biggest wedding regrets across brides everywhere.

You want to feel your most beautiful going down that aisle, and nothing will complete this more than getting a professional to sort out your do! It will last all day, and you won’t have to worry about those pins falling out. You can also get great guidance and advice from a professional about which way to go with your wedding hair, to avoid regret. They will be more than happy to help style you in accordance with your outfit.

You’re going to be looking at the pictures of your wedding day forever, so don’t let wedding hair regrets spoil it.

5.  I Regret Spending So Much On My Dress

Ah the dress! The part of the wedding that is often deemed the most important. Whilst we veer away from the traditional puffy, white gown, many women opt for more alternative outfits for the big day.

Your focus should always be on wearing whatever makes you feel the most beautiful, and the most comfortable. However, a lot of brides say they regret spending thousands on their gowns as ultimately, you only wear it once.

Nowadays, it is common to opt for cheaper dresses. Even major high street retailers such as Asos and Boohoo are selling wedding gowns, to help dress brides of every budget.

You can look beautiful on your big day, without breaking the bank. Plus, the money you save could be put towards travels with your new spouse, or into other parts of the wedding.

6.  I Regret My DJ

Dodgy DJ’s have no place at your wedding. Maybe at discos and kids parties, but not after you’ve said ‘I do’.

Online, there are many stories of DJ disasters. Whilst some are fantastic, others didn’t get a feel for the vibe of the party, and ended up playing Funky Town instead of Endless Love.

You want to find the right combination of love songs, dance music and any personal favourites, to ensure that you have all the tunes you want. Music is important to us all, and your wedding should have all of the songs that mean the most to you and your partner.

Investing time and money into your music can complete the day. Generally, a professional band or wedding singer can provide a better, more authentic sound. Plus, you can work with them, to get all of your favourite songs in the queue and tailor the music to your wants and needs.

7.  I Regret Not Hiring a Professional Photographer/Videographer

Finally, married couples say that their top wedding regrets are the photos. Amongst hundreds of couples, the most common change they would make to their wedding day is the photographer. Your wedding photos are the only physical thing you will have from the day, aside from the eternal love i guess.

Whilst your uncle Barry’s mate might do a great job with his phone, do you really want to risk it?

By hiring a professional photographer, you can discuss exactly what you want and how you want it done. Many couples give their photographer a checklist, so that they get all of the shots from getting ready before, to the last boozy dance.

You will look at these photos for years to come, investing into a quality photographer is never going to be a waste of money.

Avoid Wedding Regrets!

No one’s wedding is perfect… But by following this simple guide, you can avoid feeling the regrets that hundreds of other married couples do about their wedding day.