11 Last Minute Wedding Decoration Ideas


With the rise of vaccinations across the country, more and more couples have decided to reschedule their event – and many other engaged couples have agreed to move forward with their own anticipated dates. If you’ve found yourself in the position where you’re planning a wedding at the last minute, here are some decoration ideas that will make your event look like you’ve been planning it for months!


1. Twine napkins: Use a string of twine for your table napkins! Instead of renting or purchasing expensive napkin rings, using twine will give your napkins a rustic feel, especially if that’s the design aesthetic you’re going for. Make sure to tie them loosely so that your guests can get to your linens. For the bar, engraved napkins for weddings are the best option. Your guests won’t ever forget whose wedding they’re attending! Plus, they really help to spruce up your bar area.

2. Floating candle vases: Floating candles are a classic staple for weddings, which makes them great as last minute decorations! Because they’re commonly used at weddings, it means that decor stores will have them aplenty. Use different heights and sizes for a unique and interesting look! One word of caution: Make sure the wicks don’t get wet! Once the wick of a floating candle gets wet, it either won’t light or your burn time will decrease significantly. If you’re DIY-ing your wedding, then you’ll want to be sure the candles will stay lit for six to eight hours.

3. Wine glasses for every place setting: If you’re going simple with your table decor, consider getting personalized wine glasses for each setting! That way, your guests can add whatever they’re drinking into your unique glasses. Get your name, wedding date or even your venue engraved on the wine glasses. The best part? They double as favors! Guests can take their wine glass with them when they go.

4. Hand sanitizer tower: Mini hand sanitizers are here to stay as one of the most popular wedding favors! Personalized with your name and wedding date, hand sanitizers are the wedding favor that is both practical and stylish. Your guests will continue to use them for months! Simply use tiered cake stands to create a beautiful display of your hand sanitizers, or place one at each setting.


5. Tin pail centerpieces: Looking for a unique way to organize your centerpieces? Consider tin pails! If you’re going for a rustic or industrial look for your event, tin pails are great because they hide the oasis (the green foam used to keep flowers hydrated) and give your floral arrangements height. Even for boho events, a set of seasonal wildflowers would look great in a set of decorative tin pails as your centerpieces! Since they’re decor pieces people will use in their homes or for non-events, they’ll be readily available for you to find at local stores. Considering a vintage look? Try antique stores!

6. Send-off chalkboard signs: Having a send-off? Use a chalkboard sign to announce it! Instead of spending hundreds on a personalized sign that will take a few weeks or even months to arrive, find a chalkboard sign, some stencils (or even a friend with nice penmanship) and a set of chalkboard markers. Create a fun sign that informs your guests of when and how you’ll be doing your send-off. Make sure to include a decorative basket, bin or vase for your send-off items! Sparklers, glow sticks and bubbles are some of the most popular send-offs. Other unique ideas include flower petals or plant confetti!

7. Greenery on chairs: Your ceremony chairs don’t have to be bland! Even if you’re using simple padded or Chiavari chairs, wrapping some eucalyptus or dusty miller with a simple ribbon around the end of the chairs in some of the rows will go a long way to sprucing up your ceremony site. Even if you choose not to have a ceremony arch, your guests will be wowed by the simple but elegant decor in your ceremony space.

Chairs Decoration

8. A beverage station: Instead of putting out bottles of water and soda, why not create a beverage station? Use large glass canisters and a rectangular table to create a unique setup. Decorate it with handwritten labels, flowers or even some fairy lights. A beverage station will help your guests later in the course of your event get water, tea or even lemonade if the bar line is long or if your caterers have already left. Just make sure you have someone available to refill the containers!

9. Use color tapered candles: Rather than using standard white or ivory candles, create intrigue with your wedding design by incorporating tapered candles of different colors! Whether you choose blue, green or even black, tapered candles add a sense of whimsy and formality to your design. Worried about dripping wax? Use a glass hurricane! You’ll still be able to see the candles, but your linens, tables, flowers and decor will be protected from any wax or even open flames.

10. Create the dance floor: If your venue doesn’t come with a dance floor already, make sure you line your tables up in a way that will remind your guests where the dance floor is. In fact, take it a step further and decorate the ceiling of your dance floor! Disco balls, paper lanterns, string lights… There are lots of ways you can signal to your guests where your dance floor is. It also makes for great pictures!

11. Wine bottle candle holders: Have some empty wine bottles lying around? From your bachelorette party perhaps? If so, why not use those as candle holders? Tapered candles fit perfectly inside empty wine bottles. If you’re going for a vintage look at your wedding, this will be a great decor option. Even if you don’t have very many empty wine bottles in your own space, ask around to friends and neighbors to see if they do. That way, you’re not out any money and they get to remove some clutter from their own spaces!