10 Must-Have Essentials for a Winter Engagement Party

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Engagements tend to happen during the winter. With so many family-filled holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, many couples get engaged so they can start their planning for the next year. Many friends will host engagement parties for the newly engaged couple to congratulate them on their next step in life. If you’re hosting a winter engagement party, here are the essentials you’ll need to have!

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1. Fire and warmth. You’ll want to have something during your winter engagement party that keeps people warm. From soft lighting to cozy winter engagement party decorations, having these things available for guests will ensure your party goes off without a glitch. Consider having thick blankets, jumbo-sized candles or even a bonfire at your engagement party. Hang some soft edison lights and place some lanterns around the photo booth!

2. An indoor setting. Depending on where you live or where the party’s being hosted at, you’ll want to have an indoor option available for guests. Not every guest can withstand the cold temperatures, so an indoor setting is a must. Even if it’s a small place guests can warm up with a cup of hot chocolate while they wait for the bathroom, it’ll go a long way in keeping your guests comfortable.

3. A warm drink. Warm drinks on the menu are an absolute must for a winter engagement party! From hot chocolate to mulled cider, warm drinks are perfect for any winter event, especially an engagement party. Stock up on different types of mugs to pass out as engagement party favors. Your guests can use them during the party as well for their drinks! This will help you save some money but also give the guests something to take with them when they leave at the end of the night. It’ll also cut down on waste!

4. A s’mores bar. S’mores bars are perfect for winter weddings. Line up your s’mores ingredients so guests can choose as much or as little as they’d like on their individual s’more. Depending on whether or not your party is outside, consider having small burners available for melting and toasting. Include spears and small plates for your guests to use! Sprinkles, different flavors of marshmallows, sauces and even different types of nuts are all great options for your s’mores bar. Whipped cream is a great addition, too!

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5. Sparkles and snow. In some locations, it gets cold but doesn’t snow. Of course, for winter engagement parties, you definitely want something that reminds everyone of the season they’re in. Soft sparkles and snow are the perfect way to do that! Hang snowflakes of different sizes on a focal wall to create a unique photo backdrop, or set up a sweetheart table for you and your fiance with a silver linen and some snowy tree decorations.

6. Nature elements. Wood is one of the most popular nature elements for winter engagement parties. It’s a great neutral to incorporate into your winter engagement party decor, as well. It helps to balance any deep or pale colors you’ve chosen, such as garnet, green or even white. Wood has a variety of grains, textures and colors you can use. From an ash texture to a deep mahogany, there are lots of ways you can incorporate wooden nature elements into your winter engagement party decor. Pine cones and holly branches are two other popular decor ideas for winter parties! Pine cones look great in a candy jar as a centerpiece, and holly branches look great strung across mantles.

7. Fruit and flowers. Fruit and flowers aren’t just for Spring and Summer. Winter is great for those elements as well! Consider using fruit that is harvested during the winter, such as pomegranates. Cherries, persimmons and even certain citrus fruits are all harvested during the winter, so they’re the perfect backdrop for a winter engagement party! Use the bold colors from these fruits to inspire your floral decorations, using white or another pale neutral to really make the space feel warm and inviting. Muted oranges, deep reds and bold greens will look great at your winter engagement party. Plus, it’ll have your guests thinking of warmer temperatures!


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8. Grazing boards. For an engagement party, you probably shouldn’t host a sit down dinner (but, if that’s more your style, then go for it!). However, your engagement party is just a fun time for everyone to get together and celebrate your engagement – the dinner comes at the wedding a few months down the road. Grazing boards are perfect for an engagement party, especially ones hosted in the winter. Hearty cheeses and meats, such as brie and prosciutto, pair perfectly with a spiced cherry jam, rosemary and salami. You can even find spreaders, spears and other grazing necessities to give out as personalized wedding favors at your engagement party!

9. Cozy activities for guests. Do more than just mingle at your winter engagement party! Set up some fun activities for your guests to enjoy, such as horseshoes, a hot chocolate bar or even host a movie night celebration. Having activities for your guests at your winter engagement party will help them stay through the night and enjoy each others’ company. Depending on the size of your guest list, you can even play some board games! You could also have some fun guessing games for guests to play about you and your fiance as well as a suggestion box for wedding ideas and tips. Your guests will love being involved in your party!

10. A seating area. An area for your guests to congregate and sit together during your winter engagement party is a must! Whether you put some cocktail tables with high chairs near the bonfire or place some large cushions under a furry tent, a seating area is a necessity for your winter engagement party. As guests are snacking or enjoying drinks, they’ll need somewhere to put their items or warm up. Having a seating area encourages your guests to get to know each other and get closer throughout the night as well!