10 Creative Baseball-Themed Wedding Ideas

Baseball wedding rings will fit the theme

If you and your spouse-to-be bleed for your baseball team, you need to have a baseball-themed wedding. Did one of you propose on Opening Day? Well, it’s in the cards. Like The Babe’s Called Shot, your baseball-themed wedding is meant to be.   

10 Creative Baseball-Themed Wedding Ideas

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Whether you’re exchanging baseball wedding bands or stylizing your wedding with baseball paraphernalia, you and your spouse can celebrate your wedding in MLB fashion. 

  • Hang up some baseball-themed signage.

It’s the bottom of the ninth, the game is fast-moving, and the groom is at the mound. Coming up to the altar—we mean plate—is the bride. Two balls and one strike on the count. Is the bride going to go yard? 

Signage around your wedding is used to welcome your guests to the day of, from festivities to snacks and more. Use some baseball lingo. Make sure your guests know where they are. 

  • Send unique save the date cards.

Don’t be afraid to go crazy with your save-the-date cards, either. Couples tend to stylize their cards, but they still stick with the traditional near-square rectangular card. Take the baseball style and run with it. Make them round like a ball, or send guests a signed, encased baseball or baseball gameday tickets

  • Wear baseball cleats.

Ditch the dress shoes and lace up a pair of baseball cleats. The traditional black cleat will fit in perfectly with the groom’s tuxedo while they’ll remain hidden underneath a bride’s long gown. The bride can even have her bridesmaid lift her train and dress to reveal the cleats to everyone else in attendance. 

  • Use a baseball mitt as a ring pillow.

Who wants a traditional ring pillow? You and your spouse need to call in the manager and bring in some relief. We recommend using a baseball mitt. Not only will it provide the cushion needed to prop up your ring, but it will further symbolize your baseball theme. 

Just make sure you get the mitt that fits you best. Pick the mitt that most fits your favorite position. 

Use a baseball mitt as a ring pillow.

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  • Set up a home plate photo booth.

Let your guests celebrate in style. A baseball photo booth will allow them to capture the theme of your wedding for decades to come. The most interactive option would be a home plate design. It can include props like a baseball bat, a catcher’s mask and glove, and an ump’s mask and chest pad. Guests can play whatever position they prefer—as their knees allow for it. 

You can even go a step further and create a photo booth based on your team’s stadium. For instance, any Red Sox fans can create a Green Monster wall where guests can have their photos taken. 

  • Baseball tees are fine for bridesmaids and groomsmen to wear.

Chances are, if you’re throwing a baseball wedding, you’re just as happy having a ceremony that’s relaxed. That means allowing your guests to dress as they’d like. Forget matching tuxes and dresses for bridesmaids. Instead, provide them with personalized baseball tees that will allow them to show off their loyalty to their team. 

  • Use a baseball ring holder.

Now, a baseball mitt can be used to safely carry your ring to the altar, but you’re still going to need something to safely store your wedding ring. If you’re using a glove, why not use a baseball for your wedding rings? 

It can safely be held inside of the glove. And think of what a surprise that will be for your guests, witnessing you open a split baseball to reveal two beautiful rings stored inside. 

  • Baseball wedding rings will fit the theme.

If you’re planning an MLB-themed wedding, you might as well go all the way and put that style into your wedding bands, too. Baseball wedding rings allow you and your spouse to do just that, providing you with numerous styles to show off your favorite team. 

And don’t get worried if your favorite teams differ. While things might get a little weird on game day, it will allow you to represent the team that officially has your heart. 

Baseball wedding rings will fit the theme

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  • Have everyone wear specialized baseball caps. 

Another way to make everyone feel involved is to get a lot of baseball caps printed. If you’re going the printing route, get the hats designed as a team for the groom and a team for the bride, so guests from both sides wear their respective hats to show strangers in attendance how they relate. Or simply make one style hat for you and your new spouse, with extras the guests can put on once your ceremony has finished. 

Otherwise, ask guests to wear the hat of their favorite team. It could lead to some interesting conversations among guests, such as why they like each team, where they’re from, and more. 

  • Provide the guests with the perfect game snacks. 

Listen: It’s not a baseball game unless there are snacks and refreshments. Provide that sort of fanfare to all of your guests. This can include:

  • Tubs of bubble gum
  • Boxes of Cracker Jacks 
  • More beer than you could ask for
  • Fresh hot dogs, including plant-based ones 
  • Hot, salted pretzels
  • Roasted peanuts 
  • And so much more

Even if you incorporate some of the above ideas, you and your spouse should also make a stop at your local stadium. You not only can schedule a time to take newlywed photos in the dugout and on the field, but you may be able to get photos with your team’s mascot and premier players. 

Whatever you do, embody the spirit of America’s pastime. Put in the work and swing for the bleachers. It will get your marriage off to a bang. Something akin to the Shot Heard ‘Round the World.